About the Authors

Tobey Greenberg and Nechama Retting live in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Tobey has been a Jewish Early Childhood Educator for 23 years. She taught for 13 years at the Jewish Community Center and is currently teaching at a preschool where she has taught for 6 years. She taught the 3-year-old class for three years and is currently teaching the pre-K class. Tobey also has a wonderful husband and two grown children.

Nechama has been an Early Childhood Educator and has taught at a preschool for the past 13 years and has taught Religious School for the past 9 years. She is also the director of a Camp Gan Israel. She teaches a 3-year-old class and a 2-year-old class. Nechama also has a wonderful husband and 5 children.

Working together at preschool, the authors participate in a very special Kabbalat Shabbat program each week. The Rabbi leads the children in Shabbat and holiday songs, then the authors, take the children back to biblical times where they have an opportunity to act out the stories written in our Torah. Each week, as we prepare for Shabbat, the children re-enact the Torah Portion through drama, stories, songs, and activities. The children have so much fun reliving the Torah, that Tobey and Nechama decided to compile all of these stories into one book so that others could make the Torah an active part of their children's lives.