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Enrich your Jewish curriculum with an interactive approach to teaching the weekly Bible parsha or Torah portion through crafts, drama, songs and other multimedia activities for ages 3-7. Morah Morah Teach Me Torah! was created by two Jewish Early Childhood Educators and includes all 54 parshiot in the Torah along with original songs written to everyday tunes we all know (FREE DOWNLOADS, see below). There are also Parsha Family Discussion pages that summarize the weekly Torah portion with discussion questions to reproduce and send home with your students for Shabbat table discussion.

Morah, Morah Teach Me Torah is now available from Torah Aura Productions. Click here to order.

Torah 4 Kids

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Morah Morah Teach Me Torah Music

67 FREE song downloads related to Morah Morah Teach Me Torah and each weekly parsha, written by the authors

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Green Chagim

Recycle your way through the holidays! Using tons of trash, learn how to make treasured projects to enhance each Jewish holiday throughout our school year--from honey pots for Rosh Hashanah to the 10 Commandments for Shavuot, and everything in between.
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Shlock Rock for Kids Sing Together Curriculum

A 28 song curriculum using the Multiple Intelligences, relating to the Holidays, Torah and Mitzvot.

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Shlock Rock For Kids – Party Time! and Curriculum

With music that will instill a love of Israel, boost self esteem through Jewish pride, with activities for each song using the Multiple Intelligences.
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