Shlock Rock for Kids Party Time!

The 10 Commandments

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Written by Lenny Solomon from the CD Shlock Rock for Kids Party Time! Curriculum written by Nechama Retting

When Moses came down with the tablets
That is the Shnei Luchot
That was the Ten Commandments
The Aseret Hadibrot

Now we'll teach you about the Commandments
In this little song
So here's a little melody
And you can sing along

There is one G-d, Don't Pray to Idols
Use G-d's name respectfully
Remember Shabbat and Keep it Holy
Your Mother and Father treat very nicely
The Last Five Commandments
Are how to treat all of your friends
So be the best that you can be
Again and again


Teacher Target Points:

  • The start of the school year is an excellent time to teach about the 10 Commandments, as most teachers are discussing classroom rules in September. The 10 Commandments are our rules for living!
  • There is a Midrash that says that when G-d gave us the 10 Commandments through Moshe, all Jewish souls were there (those who were born, and those who were yet to be born).
  • Before the people received the Commandments, Moshe asked if the people wanted G-d’s laws (Torah), the people responded with “Na’aseh v’nishma” – all that G-d says, we will do!” even before they knew what the rules were! What emunah (faith)!

The 10 Commandments (Aseret Hadibrot in Hebrew) are taught many times during the school year, like when reading Shemot (Exodus) 20:2-17 and Devarim (Deuteronomy) 5:6-21 and during the holiday of Shavuot. The Commandments were written on 2 stone tablets (Shnei Luchot in Hebrew).

Here is an easy way for teachers, and older children to remember the 10 Commandments: (Thank you to Rebbetzin Lori Palatnik of Aish HaTorah for the inspiration and permission - (originally developed by Serge Herscovici with adaptation by the author).

  1. There is one G-d (Hold up One finger)
  2. Do not pray to idols (Hold up 2 fingers - not 2 g-ds)
  3. Do not use G-d’s name disrespectfully (3 fingers for no OMG – Oh My G-d!)
  4. Remember Shabbat (4 fingers – 2 challah and 2 candles)
  5. Honor your parents (5 fingers for Honor or get a potch on the tuchas )
  6. Do not murder – don’t hurt anyone (thumb up – like you are a “bad guy” holding a gun)
  7. Do not commit adultery – married people should love each other. (7 fingers, the two that are alone are the mom and dad and the other 5 are the chuppah over them – “7 year itch”)
  8. Do not Steal (turn an 8 sideways and it looks like handcuffs)
  9. Do not lie (9 upside down is a false 6, bare no false witness – nine rhymes with line, just take out the “n” and you have lie)
  10. Do not covet – want what others have (ten fingers grabbing what is not yours) Be happy with what you have.

Suggested Activities using the Multiple Intelligences:

Books: Ten Good Rules by Sue Remick Topek and 7 Animal Stories by Howard Bogot and Mary K. Bogot, there is a story about Mt Sinai. (See Discussion for another suggestion.)

Discussion/Language: After listening to the song and reading the book 10 Good Rules, discuss with your children if these rules are still used today. Are rules important? How do you “treat all of your friends”? What does it mean to “be the best that you can be”? Write down their answers. If they think that rules are not necessary, read the book No Rules for Michael by Sylvia A. Rouss and Susan Simon. Have a “no rules” day, and see how the children react. Repeat the questions. Did their answers change? Create classroom rules.

Games: Play “Moshe Omare”. It’s like “Simon says” but with Moshe’s name. Use English or Hebrew words. Play the games: Follow the Leader, or Moshe May I?

Geography: Create a large floor map of Israel (with Egypt labeled as well). This can be done by using a large flannel back vinyl tablecloth. If drawing is not your forte, then have a child lay on the tablecloth with their left arm extended up and their right knee bent. Then trace around and you will have the state of Israel! Look at a real map to determine where the Sinai desert is in Egypt, also point out other cities as well (Jerusalem, Eilat, Tel Aviv, the Negev, etc…) Remind the children that when (not if, when!) they go to Israel, they can visit all these places too

Project/Art: Create a picture of Mount Sinai and have the children decorate it with flowers; remember to add the clouds (G-d’s presence), lightning, and fire all around the top. Of course there should be the Luchot (tablets) as well. This could also be made into a hat.

Cooking/Science: Make a cake and bake it in a round Pyrex bowl (sprayed with plenty of cooking spray!). After it is cooled, invert it onto a pan and frost with green frosting, decorate it to look like Har Sinai (Mt. Sinai). Use candy to decorate, cut bread into the shape of the tablets (or use graham crackers) to put on the top. Enjoy!

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