Shlock Rock for Kids
Sing Together

V’ahavta from the CD Shlock Rock for Kids Sing Together by Lenny Solomon Curriculum written by Nechama Retting and Tobey Greenberg

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Listen to the song V’ahavta and discuss the lyrics.  This song is about the mitzvah of loving your neighbor as yourself (Ahavat Yisrael). 

Teacher Target Points:

  • In Parsha Kedoshim, Hashem talks about how we should be kind to all people and that we should treat people the way we would like to be treated. It says: “…do not place a stumbling block before the blind…, do not seek vengeance on your neighbor, or hold a grudge against your neighbor. Love your neighbor as yourself; I am the L-rd.”
  • Rabbi Akiva was once asked  what the greatest principal in the Torah was. Rav Akiva answered: “V'ahavta L'reacha camocha, zeh klal gadol b'Torah.” (Love your neighbor as yourself is the greatest principal in the Torah).
  • See parsha Vayikra 19:18
  • Hillel was once asked to teach the entire Torah while standing on one foot. Hillel responded: "What is hateful to you, don't do to your neighbor." This is the same principal as Rav Akiva just written in the negative.

Suggested Activities using the Multiple Intelligences:

Activity: Try following Rav Akiva’s and Hillel's words. Brain-storm different ways that you can be kind to your friends or neighbors. Write down the ideas and post them. Now try to say all the ideas while standing on one foot!

Movement: There is an expression that goes:
Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend,
and together we will walk in the ways of Hashem.
Vahavta l’reacha camocha, zeh klal gadol b’Torah.

While listening to the Shlock Rock song, V’ahavta, gather everyone into a circle (standing), have the children face each other in pairs. Shake hands with your right hand, then swing around so you are meeting the next person and shake their left hand. Continue swinging around (shake right hand then shake the next person’s left hand) moving forward in the circle shaking hands with everyone (remember to smile!!). .

Craft: Out of a shoe box make a mailbox. Have the children create “chesed (kindness) cards”, one for each person in the classroom, then “mail” them in the mailbox to be delivered later. Make sure you think of something nice to draw or write about everyone, we were all created in Hashem’s image! Then make cards to mail to Israeli soldiers.

Activity: Cut out a large pomegranate from white posterboard for your classroom wall and outline it in red. This will be your classroom’s “Seeds of Good Deeds”. Have your students come and tell you when someone has done something kind for them (an act of chesed – this is like reverse tattle-taling!). When a student has done an act of chesed, he or she can add a “seed” to the pomegranate’s Seeds of Good Deeds (using a red stamp pad and their finger).

Book: Yossi and Laibel Hot on the Trail by Dina Rosenfeld

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